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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 29, 2017 9:00am-9:57am EDT

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>> yes, yes, i'm worri pain is . ya, exactly. i can't believe i'm doingut to y this. >> snagging her're praising thet of this mask, mask. so i'll test it od you're probao hear meing that in just a little bit. so lad let you know if it is >> also ahead this morning, no babies are not cheap. but it turns out mommy andpared. how much a baby costs in actually believe it >> ya. >> dippers. >> also, forget about bracket os one.
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contest going onig montgomery county. pitting other. so own taste test, how nyso this is big. then we will show you taste tes. so we' specially. >> how about this? you know the personried to? how about you hate them f lettiw about a share. they're allowed to hate e minute. and the reason? that waypretends like everythins fine between them, that way the silence ease eases the frustration, she says the ten minute of hate actually makes their love grow stronger. so ten minute, hate. could you do this, karen, with your husband? >> could be an hour. >> so this may be beneficial to the husband? >> i think sometimes you just got to give each other a pass. someone says something, i don't even answer. that's stills like a look, he
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asks me something on purpose because he no, sir. it happened last night. that's why i am thinking of it. >> what instance was it? what happened? >> you know, just bugging me. >> who is the in the right? >> me. >> of course. >> but like you know each other's buttons, you know what to press? that's it. >> you don't even respond. you know, like i know what you're trying to do here. >> do you admit when you're wrong though in a relationshi relationship? >> sure. >> the next day or do you go hey look i was wrong, or how long do you let that linker? >> trying to mentally tell the truth on this one, how long, sometimes, you know, do you ever have a thinking argument with someone in our building, bill anderson. >> put him out there. >> i'll go back and proof my .2 years later. like i called him the other day, a year later, one more thing. twenty-second story. >> yes? >> so i always say that you should not have super attractive nan any your house, and i'll give all of the different exams be every all of the people, jude law, cheated with the hot nanny. so i have a very lovely nan that i worked with us last
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year, we don't have one any more. >> lovely not hot? >> two strands and one tooth sniff ' seen her nan. >> i that's not true. she is very lovely. but just got hired to go in new york by very famous movie actress up there so i'm saying, look, see, someone else thinks the sale way i do and she is amazing actress all over the screen that you that that you proved your point then? >> been two your nanny wasn't attractive? ou shouldn't make any difference at all if you have tn your house. ac track tiff woman next to my husband all the time not there. >> maybe she is just a really movie star wantedder. guy or attractive garer really seriously. >> there are some. >> nanny that's, as you say, nothee gardner? >> that's a joke. i gardner.i did though?
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>> if i did. because they're around, they're outside, you can jac the mower or something anduse, evern you have childcare, and,? >> this is all over the place. and howect with hating your husband? is it because you hated that yoe had, it can back he's right sometimes. >> you never have on my nerves right now oh, my gosh? you don'tust give me like give me five? >> i think i'm casino the one,e explosive one. i'm the calm one. tn. >> i say look, can we talk >> usually the same day. i like to resolve things right . so ten minutes, ya, i'll do, but forced hatred every day, you know what, i'll hateme. but during a argument duringite time. i'll be with the un to go back n
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see your point. >> give me?>> i don't have axe . recall but think it is health any every will come out totally wrong, is like when you're out. to be completely honest. if you see attractive person just say don't you think that person is attractive? or i believe in flirt ago little bit still. >> flirting, wait, wait, hold on. while you're with the person in a relationship with flirting with someone else? >> yes well, not necessarily like you're trying to pick up that person. but flirting sometimes is healthy. >> i like flirting but not if they're not there. >> like an imaginary person? what? >> no, i wouldn't do it in front of my husband, but flirty i think helps you feel alive. >> health any every relationship. >> why don't you flirt with your husband then? flirting with someone else, isn't that boards err line wrong? >> there are boundaries, not going anywhere, not exchanging numbers. >> why do it. >> like you say, casino every makes you feel alive. >> as long as you're on this
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planet? sounds like dangerous territory toy me. >> to have an open dialogue, walking down the street, say your man is looking at someone, looking neither girl and you're like oh, don't you find her attractive and he's like who? doesn't that driver ukase i? , who i didn't see her, oh, ya, she is but not as beautiful as you. i think that's healthy. no? >> well ya. if i'm out then i will mention stuff, oh, she is cute or something like that. >> but would you ever say -- >> i've done that. >> with your man, would you tell your man? >> oh, ya, look, she prep. >> i no, another guy. would you say he's attractive? >> no. don't want to be disrespectful. you know guys and their pride. they can get all upset. you notice it and you keep it. not right now. not right now. so dating. basically talking about dathan looking at other people. their all these definitions, we talked about bread drumming, ghosting, there are more words now to describe get to go know someone new. someone in a relationship looking to get out of t.
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>> so instead every being single start talking to someone they would like to be dating next. then benching, before couple define their relationship, either person at risk every being benched, and looks for other options. if no one better comes along the original person may come back into play, like sports, set them down you're on the bench for now, let me play the other people on the court f we still aren't playing championships then i'll bring you back in the game. >> zombieing. someone who place ghost tries to come back into the life after ex. like a zombie coming back from the dead. do we like these? >> look at them. >> you know what, the one i agree with, some bying. because i feel like guys, ex's, they have radar. as soon as you're moving on, everything good, you have new person, all the sudden they get an alert, boop, boop, boop. they moved on, my gosh, then
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you get the text hey what's up, hey big h wa a >> okay, i'm doing with someone he arrayed arrayed afte. ey i'm just talking about like have a feeling and like aleone else. let me go sends a tex utp. they never want anything ut with someone no, i wait when it then i respond. don't mess up mye. g it was done. am i wrong here? >> if a guy gives you a up? >> two weeks go by, suddenly call>> yya, i mean, i won't ign. unless did youomextremely -- >> like they haven't tried to talk to you. >> well, in two now it is null and void. you can say hi a looking for the
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thing, that it >> to get back into a been you will? -- doing. >> or if you still love the wair you? >> for you? >> whas days, all right, we're done. >> athe is no reaching out. just depends on how w or the situation or the friendship whatever it may be. don't have it in you to give me a or reach out? >> i'm not a later. like you had that chemi them but you just do,. >>ood times. you get back into a this relatit work. >> but sometimes some people tsaheory where if you come back too soon, come back w that's wha what you need, what's comforta if you wait longer perd of time, then it is like all
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right, you experienced other things, you know, look being i'm still thinking about this person, still mean a l maybe this is real. i've heard thother. >> i i think the one thing you can ask yourself was this re slayings ship work? if it wasn't -- >> then here we go. we talked about. >> this. >> relationship doesn't have to be work. you should work at a relationship but it shouldn't have to be work. >> shouldn't feel like work. but you want to do for that person. >> should come east. >> i at least in the beginning. >> karen. >> i mean, live gets in the way. it becomes real work. >> yes. >> so that's what -- >> there is going to be work involved. right? >> there is work. >> can we talk about pain of a different kinds. >> oh, is it time for the charcoal massing? >> i'm excited about this, let's bring in kristin. i'm nervous about this. >> so you mixed this up? >> yes, already pre mixed. >> and if you weren't watching earlier kristen -- my company shimmer and spice. >> wonderful. describe the charcoal mask how you put it together. >> okay.
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so the charcoal mask, just comes like this. and the charcoal? general, it pulls all of the impurity out of your skin. and it is really sticks to your skin. that's why some people say it hurts a little when you take it off. so we will go on this adventure together. >> can we talk about charcoal. are we talking about charcoal charcoal? >> yes, actually bamboo charcoal, aggravated bamboo charcoal t ex folates little bit too since it pulls all of the dead skins cells off, all of the black heads off, all of the junk in your pores. so when you put it on they say zero put it on on opaque layer, so you don't want it see the skin through it, you want to have it on pretty thick. then do you have let it sit for 25, 30 minutes. and that's when you do the peeling. >> all right. oh, these hd cameras, really getting real view here. >> you're brave. you look great. >> drink ago lot of water. >> it pulls the impurity out of your skin. >> don't put it near your eyebrows, keep away from your hair, but if you little baby hairs i think that's a little
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bit of the pain. >> that look like it in the video there. >> yes. >> screaming. >> and it was by her eyebrows. >> this is how i want to do. >> this you guys know on instagram, see th the instagram models, so i'll do this when putting on the instagram models. hi, and hiding their face, right? you've seen there is know how this goes. >> start t really. okay? >> so are you goingt go ahead o as much when i do it on myself than when oth go. so. >> did you want to apply like th pretty thick. >> pretty thick. so enough? >> that looks good. might need to gol you. >> it feels really ink. >> what's it smell like? it is, really is. i'm trying -- >> does it have a mirror? >> do you want me to do it for you in t>> i'm determined to do. okay, weaver oneo ick on there.
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>> thank you. i think thaterson use a brush or would you use your >> you can use your fingers, ims easier, got un my nails and hard tus use their hands. putting glue on my face. >> uhuidding. >> thick, it looks like a thick >> yes. >> all right. >> so does it it smell? >> does it h bad something. >> you will feel, it like menthol. >> i feel like there is a which camera am i going in look at tha >> yes, my warw is that, good ld isn't it?
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see i need more on this side. let me get my hair out of the way. >> don'tan that off too. >> make it little you're good. >> more? i'm gettinger here? >> yes. >> okay. >> so i let it sit for 30 minute. stain gram modelment okay, have it on my face, 30 minute will harden, what it looks like in the videos. then peel it off somehow? >> and if it burns you have tingling sensation, let us know right away. >> that means we're having a reaction. oh, seriously, looks like batman symbol. hilarious. >> does look like it. >> thank you. >> megan says it looks like lungs. thank you, kristen, don't go anywhere, in case something happens. here, need you here to get this off quickly. >> i have my emergency towel. >> emergency towel, i appreciate t9:14. raising kids, can be real expensive. is it going to be hard for
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people to focus? >> cute. >> you would wear this out? >> no, beauty shines through, aling. >> thank you, that's very sweet. all right, here we go. raising kids, can be real expensive. you don't need to be a parent to know. that will but nerd wallet. com now says many first time parent, they're financially prepared from the start. no matter how much money they make. the study says the cost of the first year of parenting is just over 21 thoughted for the first year, majority of soon to be parent mistakenly thought diapers and wipes would be their largest expense. but at $743 per month is one of the top costs. >> insane. never prepared. >> dippers. >> diapers are expensive, wipes, doing formula, if you're doing bottles, whatever you are doing, just adds up so quickly, so i would say you spends a lot more though on first kid, and then by the thirds one like, many already have the stuff.
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>> re psych snell. >> exactly all of the carseats and the strollers and all of those kinds of things first one you need the high ends item. thirds one, you don't care, just have all of the hand me downs. >> i was the don't care child. wasn't my sister wearing that two years prior? and photos even, i mean, my sister has i mentioned this before three, four, five photo albumns. i have like a half of a photo albumn. >> oh,. >> of pictures, it is true, parent after the second child, ug, okay, we've sheen before. san you get better at it. you don't need, you know when something is wrong, cute baby bugs zero bags, tough them with all of this stuff. >> what's the biggest surprise? >> childcare is huge. no matter what do you, if you are going back to work you either have to find day care or help at home, that's just outrageously expensive. >> finally got my guy now three into like all day school like yeah.
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it is like there he is from 9:00 to 3:00 every day. >> get some that far mine back, right? he can actually. that's the gift one they get to school. >> crazy thing you have to start thinking about college now too, saving up for that. >> put them in the day school. >> i did that little exercise supposed to put in how you're planning for college, and i just realize i had barely no money saved at all, one of those realization cents, oh, i'm really in trouble. >> about that same. >> i heard you have to start as soon as they're born, good idea? >> i have one put $25, 529 for each kid. still not very much money right now. >> let's hope one of them makes it big, support the two? >> professional athlete? >> just one of you can go to college. >> did you hear this in 18% thought of parent first the first year $1,000. that's it, really? then 44% thought it just cost 5,000. in you -- now you know a lot
9:18 am
more than that. >> rude awakening. >> thinking about the different things to buy, can you imagine, high heels, yes, high heels for your baby. children's company is facing backlash and social media for selling stiletto's for instant, taking a stand against critics, look at that says the heals are not for walking just for photos, like fowl owe prepare or fashion accessory, cost ten to $25. and number of parents have comlains about them. saying that pee-wee pumps are inapropriate, too sexy for infants. others say babies should just be babies. >> it takes the away the cute innocence, i like the little ones to have the little booties and shoes and headbands. little too much. but i can say you want to take a picture, show it off social media. you think it is cute. i don't know, little too far.
9:19 am
>> sometimes kids playing tress is up adorable. >> karen, would you do? >> i don't have girls. i love little naked baby feet and the socks that look like shoes, that look like ballet slippers or sneakers, so huge fan of the socks. i forget what they're called, trumpet socks maybe. any ones that look like, that so i don't know that i'm a fan but i don't have a girl, so maybe i would feel differently if i had a girl. >> would you play dress up? >> like the mommy daughter? i used to do it with my mom. mom dresses like the american girls have the whole thing, your mom. >> my sister does that, has outfit for every occasion every holiday, they try it match. my sister was like really into leopard prints, so she had the little one in little leopard jacket.
9:20 am
>> little much. >> i think fun, looking like mommy walking around in the heals, chunking going around the house. i don't know. >> okay, i can see that now. good point. because you try to be like mommy and maybe put her in the heals. i don't know, still a baby though. >> true. >> when you're toddler age. >> don't they have the disney heals the princess outfits? >> they do, just small wedge. that's for like once you're already walking and you can actually walk with them. but sometimes i think it is hard enough when babies are learning to walk, i don't think they should use any shoes, right around that age, so hard and awkward. so i think they're best in bear feet to get the stability. but i i understand that. everyone wants to be a princess, real cute. not like super high. they're age appropriate. disney kind. >> that's the difference, the heal, determines the age? >> and the thickness. >> higher the heal, the higher the age? >> the higher you are to god, too. >> that too. >> how is your face. >> tight. i still can have movement.
9:21 am
but how much what 20 more minute to go? >> okay, we want to show this, is there something wrong in this photo? >> some fans are set about their outfit choice. hum.
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9:23 am
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>> looking at bush kill falls in the pocono mountains, guys, starting to tingle. some people tuning in. >> it is working? >> what's alex doing? i come back, what's going on here? one of our viewers, doctor, is this bat girl? he said i look like john randall, ex nfl player. here, i'll do the face. >> oh, that's funny. >> ya, i think it works, it works, okay, i'm john randall from now on, we'll do that. they claim rebel wilson is being body shamed in the third movie. it all stems from behind the scenes image of her with her
9:25 am
co-stars. you can see her, wearing short sleeve t. her co-stars are pose in the skin bearing halters. the outfits they appear to be part of their pitch perfect three costumes. some, why is rebel covered up and the other girls aren't? >> i think some people worry about too many things. whatever you're comfortable in. >> maybe she wanted, maybe that's the outfit she chose. >> yes, maybe she liked that. we're not all the same. all different, i'm sure she can wear whatever lee wants to wear. >> and been in all different movies wearing all different things f she's uncomfortable with it then that's an issue. about your preference, and how that works. >> ya. >> i think it is like see more the cat. like almost looks like while kearse. >> really? so for people tuning in yes this is charcoal max on instagram see you see people putting them on, painful to tack take off. >> so leaving this on for 20-30 minutes, supposed to dry out. get little hard. then you rip it off? >> take everything off. >> like a bands dade. >> yes. >> have you tried.
9:26 am
>> and i'm bad with the band-aidesmentment zero, when we have the flu shots, mike gets on me, i leave it on for week and a half. i'm not a fan of pulling off band-aides. >> the reason it hurts it, catches the baby hairs, hairs you don't see. >> i hope not. i hope not. supposed to be for the black heads or impurity in your skin. >> catches everything. >> deep down in. >> keep it away from your hair. >> all right, here we go. here we go. let's talk about pizza, that will make me happy so i don't think about what's happening to my face. forget about your march madness bracket. how about a pizza bracket? contest in montgomery county for the best pie. but first, we're going to do our own taste test, we know you need to go out and vote. we'll explain. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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>> ♪ >> well, welcome back. we're excited about this one a contest in montgomery county blend excitement of the march madness with the taste of pizza. pizza fans took to social media to nominate their favorites and then voting began. now it is down to the final four in montco's best pizza tournament. we have invited finalist and their pizza. here to give us their best pitch for last minute voters let's start with bob little wood from angelo's in king of prussia. good to see you. >> how are you doing. >> so 152nd, your best pitch. >> we've got four great pizza shop here's, angelo has been in business since 1975, recipe never change, all hand made, made by same product, grade property you can from the dough, cheese, sauce, keeping it simple, consistent, it is the best. >> we will walk over here. then we will get to the others good morning everyone. >> good morning. >> we will do a little taste test. >> we're going on a trip while traveling we're here in italy to try out these pizza.
9:31 am
i'm here with alycia, our intern. you are an expert on pizza. please tell good people why. >> i'm from rome, italy. my passion is actually eating pizza. i try different pizzeria and we try to find best pizza places in the city. >> would you say you are a expert. >> professional pizza either. >> in italy they know how to make pizza. >> for sure. >> are you willing to try these different pizzas. >> i am's readied. >> whatever makes you feel at home do we have italian music playing. >> let's bring in bob here. >> okay. >> this is our first contestant. >> anything you want to say before you start the first taste test. >> you guys look fantastic. >> look at that. >> enjoy it, tell me what you think. >> okay. hold on here. perfect. so go ahead and grab it, right there alycia.
9:32 am
>> okay. >> ♪ >> how does it feel as far as weight, describe what you are seeing. >> it is a little heavier then what i'm used to. i'm used to thin dough but i'm having an opened mind. >> she's trying it. >> ♪ >> okay. she will judge. thank you so much. angelo's pizza, we appreciate it. so we will take this out and get in the next one, thomas. >> yes, salvatore of bravo pizza in worchester, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks. >> fifteen seconds. >> family owned restaurant me, my mom, brother and sister. secret to the success for 20 years is my mother. everything is, she does everything homemade. we don't see it anymore. so hope for us that valley and hopefully you enjoy pizza. homemade me, my mother,
9:33 am
brother and sister. >> we will walk over here. i will take it, family recipe passed along. >> yes, we're from cecily. this was from my mom when she was six years old. it is very special. >> okay. we will see if alycia thinks it is special. >> okay. >> pass this over. >> basil. >> yes. >> okay. he brought his mom in so, this is homemade. >> okay. >> here is another plate for you, fresh plate. >> okay. >> should i save it. >> you can save it. >> okay. >> all right. lets do the next one then. thank you so much.
9:34 am
will she say bravo to bravo pizza. >> next one alex kiera from green lane, coming back for another appearance, defending champs, right. >> yes. >> what makes your pizza so great. >> we have an excellent product, but bottom line, this is artisanship, craftmanship quality. we have never change our quality since we started. my uncle, father alex, vince, the whole family gets involved one thing for sure this is an american product from our cheese source, california tomatoes and we have the right blend and important parties it is not traditional neo pol tan pizza but american pizza. >> let's walk you over. secret ingredient does it come down to the dough first and foremost. >> a lot initial to dough, to how you make it to the bounce, you know, love you put in, you work with your own hand. what you put in with your fingers is what you get out of it.
9:35 am
>> perfect. >> here's a little traditional throw back, half margarita and other side just plane. >> even threw in some italian in there. >> i appreciate that. >> margarita is my favorite typist a. >> i wonder if he knew that already. >> okay. she has had that one. >> thank you. >> we have our final one, thomas. >> last but not least josephine of baco, italian restaurant in north wales, pennsylvania. >> we have been there for 14 years going on 15 years. what is so different about our pizza we are a oven pizza and wood burning, pizza takes about 15 minutes and secret to pizza is our blend of cheese, we used blend cheese and that is our secret and that makes us good. we're all winners. vote for us.
9:36 am
>> let's walk over, so coal does that make the difference in the way pizza is prepared and comes out. >> it is thin, very italian style pizza, and made with care. fresh basil. >> ready to try it. >> here we go. >> do you feel like you are at home, the pizza, scenery. >> right at home. >> okay, thank you so much. >> so we have had our final four. we appreciate it. you'll have to decide. i think we have everybody that will come all together, again, before she decide. they are not coming back on, no, all right. go ahead. who are you thinking about when you were tasting. >> just as disclaimer, the
9:37 am
authentic italian piss ace neapolitan with the crust, kind of different but one thing, should i say now. >> yes. >> one thing i appreciate for us the plane piss ace margarita pizza. not a lot of cheese just fresh mozerella, basil, olive oil. so, i found that in schiara pizza. >> he is talking italian too. >> come on over. >> very cool. >> yes. >> thank you. >> come on over, and get you on the screen here. join news italy. >> yes, take a little trip. >> perfect. >> well, thank you, congratulations. >> thank you. >> my mask here. >> you guys have your say too so make sure you vote because we still have final four, they are all winners. they made it to the top four. thank you. thank you, alycia, appreciate it. >> if you ever make a pizza sometime i'm willing to try it >> we will peel this off coming up. >> it is finally time for me
9:38 am
to take this off. i'm scared. oh, gosh this will not be good hi
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okay, guys, we're back from italy. that was nice. i know we said it was time, we have our expert kristin here, and you say that i still need a little bit more time. >> you might need a couple more minutes but all that would happen it will leave a little bit of it on the skin. >> okay. >> we will let this hang on for a little bit more because i want full experience. i'm willing, i'm willing. we will hold on. we will take it off before the show. people are waiting, tweeting
9:42 am
me, we will take this off. maybe i'm just scared. >> yes, you are trying to stall. >> it feels like there is another layer or something on my skin, i do masks, i have done them before, but this almost feels like rubber, plastic. >> likely text it is starting to peel on the end which is a good sign. >> maybe it will peel off on its own, no worries. >> i don't think so. >> let's just go to jen. >> one, two, three, four, five >> okay. this is probably my new favorite place, you got it, guys, it is legacy youth tennis center. you probably know this place. they need your help. i'll tell you what is going on tennis players need no help at all. crush it. get it back. yeah, baby.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:45. what a difference a day makes from the thunderstorms of yesterday to tranquility today , sort of, we have temperatures that are still in the 40's even though sun has been up for a while but with these wind, 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, even higher in reading and wind gusts of 23, 24, 25 miles an hour it feels a little bit chillier then that but we will still get up to 62 degrees with a lot of sunshine. tomorrow equally beautiful but
9:46 am
just cooler and then rain rolls in on friday, friday looks like it is shaping up to be a super soaker especially late in the day, into the night
9:47 am
coaching. so you have to be able to be fluent and adapt to the situation and, when you are facing, object stick castle or adversity you have to be able to overcome it. is fantastic thing about the game. >> one of my men tors is nick, and i said a couple years ago i like tennis for kid because it is free but not always free for every child. >> absolutely not, tennis is a very expensive sport. traditionally there has not been access and opportunity in under served communities which is why since 1952 we have taken tremendous pride in providing little to no cost programming throughout philadelphia, camden and chester at 35 parks and rec centers, partnership with the philadelphia school district, private lessons, tournament, travel, very expensive sport. that is our mission, providing access and opportunity through the game of tennis and education to kid, communities that wouldn't normally have that opportunity. >> we will do one last bit of business. >> um-hmm. >> there is a big fund raiser
9:48 am
next thursday, april 6th that will raise money for this. we have a graphic on the screen. now we have to get real. you have been here, product of the system. >> yes. >> you say, it teaches you to overcome challenges but these are life long buddies. >> some of my best friend, came through tennis, came through this program, half of our staff came to the program, so tennis gave me, it opened up the world of imagination and possibilities. i was able to go to college on a tennis scholarship, i was able to go to law school. what we are doing is raising fund to make sure there are hundreds more kid just like me >> you are here because you are in east falls manayunk, we have fancy, upper cross kid playing with kid they would never meet if it wasn't for this melting pot of a place. >> absolutely, the external differences that present themselves in the real world, break down when they come here they come together for love of the game. >> do you think i should get in here. >> lets see what you got. >> i have to say there is people, that are really good but i want to see what kind of
9:49 am
tennis players you are making, can i step in here. you stay next to me. you have to save me are you cool with that. let's see what you have, let's go, all right. >> forehand, okay. >> okay. >> this is doubles, you have to get up to the net, be aggressive. >> wow. >> i'm sorry. all right, so you guys. >> that was pretty good. >> okay. >> excellent. >> i was just surprised, good grip, good technique, i liked it. >> they are amazing, each one. thanks for doing what you are doing. >> it is an honor, privilege, thanks for coming. but they are amazing on and off court. >> i have seen that. >> good young men and women and they will be productive, successful citizens once they go through this program. >> lance as we wrap it up, i love to see kid when they don't think anyone is looking in the parking lot. so much nice manners but not cheesy manners, cool manners. >> that is what tennis does, etiquette, discipline, rules, competition, making good
9:50 am
strong kid. >> almost hit camera guy. >> got to be nimble, thank you thank you. >> all right. >> that is pretty cool. >> i love those, everybody can come and have fun and take part. >> learn other sports and do other things. so many sports out there that you can try and really be good at. >> thanks, jen. it is so hard to look at you right now. >> is it. >> you are still beautiful. >> um-hmm. >> how does it feel, ready. >> i think we should be ready now. someone said i look like the ultimate warrior what do you think. >> that is funny i'm liking that. >> ready for battle. >> ready for battle. >> does it feel like rubber. >> it feels likely text, one of our photographer, tom said it looks still wet but it is shiny just because it is latex y. >> i'm feeling like a warrior. let's get this going. we will take this off when we come back for real this time. >> pretty.
9:51 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
9:54 am
welcome back, 9:53. this news coming out of the nation's capitol, this is very fluid situation so information just coming in we understand shots have been fired at the nation's capitol. you see just our camera, looking around there, the scene, people just gathering on the street there. so what we understand is that a suspect, a driver struck a capitol police cruiser. this information just coming in shots fired and we do understand a suspect is in custody. what are you understanding. >> exactly that, in the vehicle trying to strike some of the officers there in the nation's capitol and attempting to hit those officers but that suspect is now in custody is what they are saying. >>we are fox latest developments coming out of the nation's capitol this morning at 9:54. you see people on the street. officers just trying to get the situation under control
9:55 am
and as soon as we learn more, very fluid situation we will pass it to you. all right. 9:55. lets check in, it is time, we have put it off, we have waited the whole hour, we have had breaking news, now it is time. >> this is charcoal mask, it has been all over, going viral people putting on these masks and they dry and as they peel it off it looks painful. people screaming. so i am now going to do it. i have had people say it doesn't hurt that bad. so i'll be the judge. i have a low tolerance for pain though. okay. >> what do you think. >> what does it feel like. >> like a band aid. >> can you hear it. >> you can hear the peeling. >> well, that was easy.
9:56 am
>> your skin looks fresh underneath, it looks clean. >> okay. >> that is not so bad. you are supposed to see stuff on the black there. >> a little bit. >> okay, all right. final stretch, i guess i will turn this way so you can see it. should i just rip it off. >> are you supposed to do that >> you can rip it off. >> one, two, three. >> really calling me a baby, really. >> you did pretty good. >> yes, that wasn't horrible. it does feel like you are ripping a band-aid off. >> i am red. >> yeah, i'm having some red spots, okay, all right. now see the girl was screaming in that video she had her whole face. >> does it make face brighter, just a little bit brighter there. >> i still have make up on. >> it is my baby skin.
9:57 am
>> nice and fresh. >> okay. hey. >> look at that. >> doesn't it feel like baby skin. >> yes. >> i know. >> all right, now. >> all right. >> so it is still some stuff here but it is not bad. so key is leaving it on for like 30 minutes. >> it really will peel off if it is completely dry. you will see residue. that is only difference. i kind of do. >> if you do isn't that how you get pimples. >> yeah. >> do you mind. >> make sure your hand are clean. >> are your hand clean. >> i want to try it. it looks neat. >> would i recommend it. >> you feel very clean, right. >> yes. >> fresh, and clean. >> i like it. i like it. yeah. okay. >> brand new alex. brand new me, thanks very much is what the name of the mask. >> it is bosha and you can get it at sephora. >> this is gross part seeing is what left, okay. well, thanks for hanging around, we appreciate it.
9:58 am
>> celebrate the new you, have a safe day. >> enjoy the sun. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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